At Ambit, we create value not just for businesses, but for all our stakeholders, employees and the society at large

Our Responsibility

At Ambit, we understand the importance of earning the trust of our employees, clients and shareholders by contributing meaningfully to the community we live in. Good corporate governance and high ethical standards are the cornerstones of our values.


Corporate Governance

At Ambit, we are guided by a framework that ensures accountability, fairness and transparency in dealing with all our stakeholders.

Oditi Foundation

Ambit Oditi Foundation is a not-for-profit trust run by Ambit. It is committed towards creating life skill sets among the rural and urban poor, i.e. people who are essentially school dropouts or who could not pursue formal education. The Oditi Foundation also helps assist support staff and their children and families with education as well as medical expenses and training for their spouses, thereby positively impacting their monthly household income.


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