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    Ambit Risk Optimizer PMS is a low risk offering that seeks to generate superior risk-adjusted returns by optimizing asset allocation to three common asset classes: Equity, Gold and Government Bonds. The fund uses a proprietary framework to decide allocations to these assets, typically in inverse proportion to their risk profiles. The product seeks to enhance debt returns without materially enhancing the risk profile. Basis empirical analysis, typical returns expectation should be about 2.5%-3% better than bonds on a cross-cycle basis, which translates to about 10% net per annum, with a risk profile similar to that of bonds. On most risk measures like standard deviation, maximum drawdown or worst 12 month returns, the portfolio is expected to be similar to bonds.

    In the current investment environment, where investors grapple with lofty equity market valuations on one hand and rising bond yields on the other, a process-oriented approach to asset allocation like the risk optimizer approach which ensures low drawdown risk offers a prudent solution in our view.

    Allocations are a function of risk profiles of the three assets relative to each other (greater allocation to less risky asset classes). However, basis history, 50-80% has been the indicative range of bonds, 10-35% on gold and 10-30% on equities.


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