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Value propositions and exceptional results for better growth opportunities

Identifying turnarounds and discovering value lie at the core of the Principal Investment business at Ambit. Keeping in tune with this philosophy, we invest selectively in public and private, and small-cap and mid-cap companies. Our team has delivered exceptional results over the last two years and this is a testimony of our superior ability to identify the deep value that is inherent in our investee companies.We engage with our investee companies on an ongoing basis, help them communicate their story to the investor community, and provide strategic inputs and investor feedback to the companies.

We select potential winners following a detailed investment framework that leverages on our research, knowledge and relationships, to identify and manage investments. We currently deploy proprietary capital and are continuously on the lookout for new investment ideas.

Leadership TEAM

5 Sushant Bhansali

Sushant Bhansali

Managing Director & Head - Principal Investment


Sushant Bhansali is a Managing Director & Head of the Principal Investment business at Ambit, and has been with Ambit since 2008.

Prior to joining the Principal Investment business in 2013, Sushant was part of the Group CEO office and was responsible for new client acquisition, business development and performance analysis across all verticals in Ambit. Sushant has previously worked with Morgan Stanley Capital International and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Sushant is a qualified Chartered Accountant and has completed his MBA from the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad (ISB). He holds a B.Com. (Hons) in Accounting.

Portfolio Companies

We have a keen eye for companies with the potential to grow significantly and transform their industries.


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