How does one create, grow & multiply Wealth?

Simple Question, yet no definitive, consistent, uncomplicated answer.

Patience, discipline, simplicity & transparency leads to Wealth Creation. At Ambit Asset Management, we have the solution to this perceived tedious challenge. We live with principles & morals reflecting the consistency & resilience of our portfolios and our approach. The Ambit way of investing.

Using PMS (Portfolio Management Services) as the platform, across multiple equity strategies, we ensure, growth with safety, thus preserving & thriving your hard-earned money, both at the same time.

We understand that people are different, people have different perspectives and people have different risk appetites. Hence, we have different solutions for your different needs, different requirements, different commitments towards your loved ones.


Our PMS business is based on three guiding principles:

Customer-centricity is in the very DNA of each of Ambit’s businesses.

Client Centricity is not an act, it’s a habit. Buy & hold forever is a strategy that creates wealth is known to one and all, but we practice it with inviolable discipline. Thus from investment thesis, to product, design, to client solicitation, to client reports, to fee charged, everything has only one EPICentre – You - the client.

We ensure this client-centric methodology - The Ambit Approach is articulated by our portfolio managers and sales team in a simple manner with complete and open access to all research, to all modules, and even entrée to our Portfolio managers seamlessly.

At Ambit Asset Management, our customer-centric approach ensures that as an investor, you will have access to top management and our fund managers. This ensures that if you have any questions about the decision-making process or specific investments, they can be answered satisfactorily

There are some universal facts. Equities are risky. Equities are volatile. Equities are unpredictable. Hence, generating incremental returns by increasing risk, increasing beta, or decreasing Sharpe ratio can be lethal for the health of the portfolio. We, with our deep-dive research, bottom-up stock-picking strategy, algorithmic cleanliness filters ensure, clients' wealth is created with unwavering consistency, thereby following the Ambit Approach of Investing of de-risking equities.



Proprietary research-backed framework


Disciplined and process-driven approach


Investment in high quality businesses


Long-term investments with low churn

coffee can

Ambit Coffee Can Portfolio

A portfolio of resilient companies that aims to deliver steady returns with minimal risk to create wealth over the long term

good clean

Ambit Good & Clean Midcap Portfolio

A portfolio of companies that have a proven track record of efficient capital allocation and high growth

emerging giants

Ambit Emerging Giants Portfolio

A portfolio of companies that aims to create wealth over long periods of time by investing in the leaders of tomorrow


With all our products, the aim is to create long-term wealth for our clients, while also preserving their capital. Towards this end, we look at a spectrum of industry categories and capitalise on opportunities by identifying and investing in high-quality businesses. Risk mitigation is done by ensuring that we are only investing in companies that set the highest benchmarks in accounting and corporate governance.

Ambit Asset management understands that people are different, people’s requirements differ, people’s choices differ, but what remains common is - safety first. We ensure to meet the super needs of all our clients, we have a solution, but with a primary underlying principle of preservation


Ambit Coffee Can Portfolio is a bouquet of long-proven resilient companies and aims to deliver steady returns with minimal risk, thereby creating wealth over a long period. Its key features are:

  • A large cap-oriented portfolio
  • Ideal investment horizon of 8-10 years
  • Concentrated portfolio with low churn
  • Great companies with a proven track record of consistent growth and high RoCE

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The Selection Process

We look for companies that have a consistent track record of growth and wealth creation for their stakeholders over long periods. A clean corporate governance track record and consistency is what brings a company into the Ambit of our coverage universe.

Growth Investing

Coffee Can Portfolio is based on growth investing. Our mantra is that quality comes at a price and always pays in the long run. We believe that as long as earnings continue to grow, the stock price will follow, albeit in a non-linear fashion.

Consistent returns with minimal risk

Steadfastness is the key. We believe wealth creation is a marathon and not a sprint. Did you know a steady 26% return over 20 years makes your portfolio 100x?

Ambit Good & Clean Midcap Portfolio comprises primarily Mid-cap companies that have a good track record of capital allocation and clean accounting practices. We try to identify companies who have the potential to become the large cap companies of future.

The result of our stringent selection process is a high-quality portfolio of select businesses, which generate superior to benchmark returns and yet minimize the drawdowns over a long period of time. Essentially, while the objective is to generate returns, the even bigger goal is to better manage drawdowns, because we believe that doing the latter successfully is critically vital in achieving the former.

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  • Mid-Cap oriented portfolio
  • Ideal investment horizon of 3-5 years
  • Growth at reasonable valuation
  • Companies with “Good” and “Clean” characteristics


Good denotes improvement of financial metrics over last six years with efficient capital allocation. Clean reflects best in class corporate governance and financial statements reflecting the true and fair picture of the underlying business. The focus on “Good” helps generate the upside, while the focus on “Clean” minimizes the risk.


The idea with Good and Clean fund is to identify, early in their growth cycles, market leaders in niche categories with immense potential for sustainable accretion to create significant wealth over the long term.


The focus is to identify growth-oriented businesses with strong brand equity, management bandwidth and market leadership. The idea is to invest in businesses with sustainable earnings growth, which are available at reasonable valuations.

Ambit Emerging Giants Portfolio comprises of companies that have the potential to become market leaders and turn into the next Coffee Can companies.

We aim to identify market leaders in niche categories with immense potential for sustainable growth early in the cycle, to create significant wealth over a long period of time. A solid corporate governance track record, deeply under-penetrated product category and strong market leadership, are some of the characteristics that we look for while including a company in the portfolio.

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  • A Small-Cap oriented portfolio
  • Ideal investment horizon of 5-6 years
  • A portfolio which aims to identify market leaders in niche categories early
  • Focused on finding the next Coffee Can companies

The company selection process focuses on picking businesses with a good track record of efficient capital allocation and clean accounting practices, to pick the right investments. We aim to build a low churn portfolio of 15-20 companies, which can create wealth for investors in a relatively riskless fashion over a long time period. The objective of the fund is to explore opportunities in the under-researched and under-owned world of small-caps, to deliver steady returns in what is traditionally perceived to be a high-risk investment


Since inception Emerging Giants Portfolio has delivered consistent double-digit returns outperforming peers and benchmark by a wide margin even when small-cap indices have fallen.



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